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Fiber to Fabric

Pattern Workshops

A round robin workshop features 10-20 warped looms, each with a different pattern.  Participants submit a pattern in advance and bring a loom warped with that pattern to the workshop.  When the workshop concludes, participants have a collection of pattern samples they've woven, and a notebook of drawdowns.  The workshop is usually held on a weekend in February.

A sample pattern from a pattern workshop.

Mini-workshops and single-day events are frequently planned as extension of meeting topics.  The first mini-workshop of 2009-10 is Handwoven Jewelry on September 19, 2009.  For details and registration information contact the pattern workshop chairperson.  Additional workshops will be announced throughout the year.

Weavers at work in a recent workshop.

Previous Guild-Sponsored Workshops

Extreme Warp Makeovers – Robyn Spady

Garments from “Weftovers” – Daryl Lancaster

Historic Coverlets and American Textile Traditions – Sigrid Piroch
Tapestry Weaving – Martha Christian
Kumihimo: The Ancient Art of Japanese Braiding - Ethel Kawamura
Treadling Variations -Sharon Alderman
The Big Twill - Bonnie Inouye
Garment Construction for Handwovens  - Alison Dennis
Thick 'n Thin Plus Huck - Madelyn van der Hoogt
Basketmaking - Beth Hester
Paddle Warping - Sallie Guy
Moorman Technique - Nancy Granner
Overshot – Vickie Tardy
Color and Weave - Vickie Tardy
Swedish Drall - Joanne Hall
Color Blending - Jan Friedman
Painted Warps - Jan Frie

For more information on Workshops please contact  You can also visit us on Facebook at Handweavers Guild of Nashville.